Katja Krizkova 2020 2  Katja Křížková
Psychologist and counselor

There are times in life that lead us to moments of confusion, where we feel stuck, at a crossroads, facing an overwhelming decision, or perhaps the loss of a home, loved one, job, or relationship. The times when we feel most alone or unable to connect, become key moments of transformation with an empathetic guide by your side.

My philosophy is that our childhood and many life experiences since then shape our behavior, thus influencing all of our world. Once we connect our emotions and behavior (what we do knowingly and unknowingly), and our physical reactions we can begin to understand how things around us are influenced, how reactions to those behaviors might be making us feel lost, confused, angry, sad, or otherwise imbalanced.
I strive to help remove barriers that prevent people from living as fully and richly as possible, increasing enjoyment of life through improved relationships, better self-care, and more satisfying overall functioning. Working to heal long standing patterns of emotional pain frees one to live more happily right now.
A client's motivation to find what is behind difficult feelings or behaviors is monumental for successful therapy, as is each person's dedication to take responsibility for deciding and guiding his/her life. A trusting relationship between therapist and client is at the heart of therapy, and through this relationship, impressive results will happen. The client and therapist each need to feel like the match is a good one, therefore an initial assessment period of a few sessions should be accounted for. I look forward to sharing this process with you.
Katja Křížková has a degree in Psychology from the University of George Mason in Virginia and is a certified Integrative Psychotherapist Her additional training includes Crisis intervention, Dream work, Trauma therapy among others. She is part of a working group for ČAP (Czech association of psychotherapy). She has cross cultural experience as a TCK having lived in Africa (5 years), the United States (17 years), Asia (4 years) and Europe (26 years). She has been practicing joga for the past ten years. She is fluent in English and Czech, and understands Slovak at an advanced level.

Telphone number: +420 603 892 568
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Integrative therapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies. Integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.

University and Post Graduate studies
Instep Institute ( September 2012– May 2018 )
Complete educational program in Ingerative psychotherapy.
“D” Občanské združení Liberec ( September 2014– February 2015 )
Complete educational program in Crisis Intervention

Courses and Seminars
Complete educational program Dream Work Ivana Veltrubská (September 2016 - May 2017)
Neuro biologie Gestalt Therapy ( October 2017)
Self In Relation - Peter Philippson (March 2017)
Trauma in Biosynthesis (December 2017 )
Ceremonies and Rituals - Jiří Drahota (October 2017 )
Family Gestalt Therapy- Jan Knop (February 2016 )
Psychosomatika 1 2- Majka Pečená (March and May 2016 )
A new therapy for each patient - John Norcross ( September 2016)
Gestalt psychotherapy and dance movement therapy ( November 2016 )
Psychotherapy Management- Martin Jara (February 2015)
Transaction Analysis- Pražská Vysoká Škola Psychosocialních studí (February 2014)
Dreaming alive - Martin Jára (October 2014 )

Conferences and Symposiums
5. Czech Conference of psychotherapy (March 2017)
Moving Self in Psychotherapy (October 2015)
International psychotherapy symposium (May2015)
4. Czech and 2.Czech and Slovak Gestalt Psychotherapy Conference (October 2014)
11th conference of European Association for Gestalt Therapy ( September 2013)

Professional Employment
Psychoterapeutický centrum LAVKA- psychotherapist (April 2014 - currently)
Private English teacher (September 2008 - currently)
Olika - Fund raising FZŠ Umělecká (September 2009- May2010)
Hochtief, a.s. -Auditor lidských zdrojů (January 2009 - May 2009)
Languages At Work, s.r.o. founding member of Czech association of language schools
Founder, partner,, CEO, ( June 1993 – December 2007)

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