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Mgr. Jana Szomolanyiova
Psychotherapist and counselor

I have offered psychoterapeutic counseling since 2010. I use knowledge gained during 4 years training in Satitherapy, which is a humanistic psychotherapy based on empathy and acceptance of the client. Satitherapy builds on the healing effects of mindfulness - awareness in which each thought, feeling, or sensation that arises in the present is acknowledged and accepted as it is. This helps to understand your problem, your needs and pre-conditions, which is the first step to finding a way out of the unwanted situation and progressing towards satisfactory outcomes

Apart from satitherapy I apply methods and techniques of other therapeutic schools. One of them is focusing – a process revealing the meaning of bodily feelings allowing for healing by the natural wisdom of body. I also like to offer visualisations and art-therapeutic techniques to express inner feelings and intuition in art. Currently I am undergoing training in IndividualSystemik with Artho Witteman. I am also finding inspiration in courses of bioenergetics, biosynthesis and art therapy.

And more about me? Since 2007 I have been developing the art of Zen Shiatsu massage, which combines the wisdom of eastern medicine and science of Western physiology and anatomy. During my studies of economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague, I was also taking psychological, sociological and anthropological courses. After my studies I joined a non-profit environmental consultancy where I have worked for 10 years until the present day.

During my long term stays in the UK and Germany I was able to experience different studying, working and living environments, therefore it is not difficult for me to understand the situation of foreigners and expats living in Prague when meeting them as clients. I have also been inspired by eastern arts and cultures when travelling to remote places in Indonesia, Thailand or Sri Lanka.

Telphone number: +420724772166
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Sessions in Prague 2 - Vinohrady, 
Na Šafránce 17

The price of a session    
  800 CZK / 60 min.  
  700 CZK / 60 min. (reduced fee for students etc.)