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jan-honzik-lavka Jan Honzík, PhD.
Head of the Lavka Center for Psychotherapy

Completed a four-year psychotherapy training in satitherapy, mindfulness-based psychotherapeutic approach which combines treatment methods of Roger’s person-centered therapy, Psychodrama (J. L. Moreno), Focusing (E. T. Gendlin) and Buddhist psychology. In addition to psychotherapy, he is professionally engaged in resolving disputes through mediation and conducts self-experience courses and workshops. Having graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of the
Charles University, he lived for over a year as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka. Since 2007 he has been lecturing at the Faculty of Humanities at the Charles University. Apart from satitherapy, his therapeutic method is influenced and inspired by bioenergetics, Individual Systemics (A. Wittemann), Process Work, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness-based approaches (MBSR, MBCT, ACT...) and, at last but not at least, by everyday life and death.

Telephone number: +420608917772
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Lectures the below mentioned courses
Mindfulness Programs - Surfing the Waves of Life Changes
Focusing - Making a Conscious Connection between Mind and Body
Vision Quest & Hero's Journey
Dětiště - The Art of being with kids (for parents)
 Hidden Life of Our Inner Characters
 Death – A Guide and an Ally

  Experience / practice
Founder and head of the Lavka Center for Psychotherapy (since 2011)
 Psychotherapist and mediator
 Lecturer of courses focused on working with emotions and stress in the corporate and non-profit sectors (since 2007)
 Lecturer on Buddhism at the Charles University (since 2007)
 Project Manager for Development of Soft Skills and Corporate Culture in the Czech National Bank (2009-2011)
 Project manager for the Unity in Diversity Project and author of the book of Unity in Diversity
 President of the International Buddhist Donation Fund (2006-2008)
 Initiatives Coordinator for the Robert Bosch Foundation in the Czech and Slovak Republic (2001-2005)