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Psychotherapy & Counseling | Therapeutic Work with the Body

She spent half of her life in different countries of the world, where she devoted herself to study culture and people (for the longest time USA, Norway - Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo (Culture and Communication); India, Sri Lanka - Yoga & Ayurveda & Meditation, Thailand - massages). She worked as a yoga instructor, massage teacher, accompanied people on stays in the dark, provided therapeutic bodywork, organized and led self-experience trips to Asia, led yoga and meditation retreats.
Her therapeutic approach is based on an empathic and holistic understanding of the human mind, body and feelings. In therapy, she naturally connects the clients' personal stories and situations with an understanding of psychological patterns, emotional structures, and bodily experiences and actions. Thanks to her experience, intuition and deep insight into human hearts, she creates a healing contact with her clients and helps them free themselves from old pains and open up to new life paths. In her unsentimental kindness and authenticity, she is not afraid to provide her clients not only with compassion and understanding, but also with honest feedback and guidance when needed. She likes to work with people living outside her homeland, she enjoys, among other things, topics related to relationships, the heart, spirituality, sexuality, otherness, creating and realizing new life visions...
Provides therapy in Czech, English and possibly Norwegian.

Telephone number: +420 734 596 549
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Psychotherapy & Counseling & Therapeutic Bodywork: 1500 CZK / 50-minute session
Psychotherapy for couples: 2000 CZK / 80-minute session

Cancellation of appointment  
To cancel or postpone your appointment you need to inform your therapist at least 24 hours ahead
. Otherwise, the session will be fully charged.

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