Psychotherapy and Counseling in English
Psychotherapy in the Lavka Center is based on emphatic understanding, a non-judging and accepting approach, openness and the natural relationship between the client and the therapist. In the Lavka Center we use methods drawing on satitherapy, bioenergetics, mindfulnessgestalt therapy, PBSP, the Roger’s person-centered approach, focusing, psychodrama, individual systemics, process work and others.

Our approach is interactive in style and based on the concept that understanding and coming to terms with emotions is essential to effective problem solving and personal growth. We aim to provide a supportive environment - based on empathy and acceptance - in which clients will feel comfortable in sharing and exploring their feelings, thoughts and experiences. Your health and confidentiality are our top concerns.

The relationship between you and your therapist/counselor is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of the healling process. As someone who is trained to listen patiently to your problems, your therapist/counselor can help you develop an understanding of yourself and others, and provide you with the support needed when working on the problems you are facing, facilitating positive change. It is you who defines the goals and makes the choice to take a particular course of action.

The sessions are 50 minutes long, usually take place once a week, either short or long term. However, the frequency of sessions may be adjusted to your needs. At the first session you will have a chance to see if the therapy/counseling is right for you. We will explore problems or issues you would like to address and what you would like to achieve. The therapist/counselor will answer any questions or concerns you might have and explain what you can expect.


We work with a wide variety of conditions, both long-standing and recent. Often several issues will be present at the same time, whereas the typical issues are the following:

 Difficult life situations
 Difficulties in relationships or communication
 Personal development
Life goals, directions and decisions
 Resolving problems in work life
 Blocks in creative expression
 Overcoming stress or emotional imbalance
 Depression and anxiety
 Sexual problems

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Booking / Fees

To book an appointment please contact one of our English speaking therapists/counselors. Your enquiry will be handled confidentially.

Cancellation of appointment

To cancel or postpone your appointment you need to inform your therapist at least 24 hours ahead. Otherwise, the session will be fully charged.